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Android Apps vs i-phone Apps

Android Apps vs Iphone Apps

The working platforms and the applications which is supposed to be the latest and leading mobile operating system is been particularly designed and developed mainly for touch screen mobile devices such as Android smartphones,iphones and tablet computers. These phones can also be compared to a human which is fully automated. Looking back the last 15 years has come up with a number of Operating system (OS) which includes the black and white phones to the latest smart phones or mini computers. In the industry of mobile evolution has taken place which shows a gradual rise from Palm OS in 1996 to Windows pocket PC in 2000 followed by Blackberry OS and now the happening Android.Symbian is owned by Nokia and is only used in Nokia handsets whereas that's not the case with the Android and iphones for it has a free License Operating System which can become a platform in any smart phones today. Both these phones are ranked very high in the mobile market and thus it gets quite difficult when it comes to selection between Android smart phones and the iphones.Each one is specialized in its own way with the latest applications with a very thin dividing line.Ofcourse apart from the features the other important factor which has to be considered is the cost and the need of each person. So once we opt for a particular platform with different applications installed in it then it is difficult to switch from model to another. Early during the period of introduction of these phones where the features like emails, calendar, music etc. but however now it’s not the same for it is brainier and answer any query because of its latest application. The main feature of the Android phone is the Google whereas that of the iphone is the large number of applications. There might be differences between the Android and the iphones each one has seen its own victory in its own special field. Apple is conferred with excellence for its multitasking feature which is really not successful in Android. Androids is excellent with widgets feature like music and other social networking on its homescreen.The third party applications for the Android operating system can be got from the Google stores or by downloading from a third party site and then installing the application file. This in a way is disadvantage for the reason that it being freely available to anyone which leads to other commercial problems and also advantageous because the mobile makers modify the handset to suit a particular individual or a task. Though Google come up with a lot of new versions of the operating system which is not the case with the iphones, but however it takes longer times to be given to all Android devices. Thus there are lot of features which is been compared between the iPhone and Android phones with an unfairly influence to invoke favoritism. Comparison should be done in such a way that there is no prejudice in opting between the Android smart phone and the iphone.A fair enough comparison is made in the following passages. The application systems and the community is one of the major advantages of the iphone over the android smart phone because they have the major application establishment. This is one reason of the reason why most of the commercial developers want to construct their applications on the iphone platform. The applications are loaded at a much faster rate and get speeded up very quickly. They have a high pixel density or the liquid crystal display which is more consent than the other Android smartphones.It has the competence to transmit videos through the emails. The iphones have an option where emails can be grouped as important and non important depending upon the people in the contact list is categorized. This application is called as the email filtering. The instagram feature which has social networking facilities has the option of sharing photos online, the users can capture pictures and use digital filters and then share it with other social networking services like Face book and Twitter.The security feature of the remote wipe allows the device or the system manager to delete the data’s in case of a stolen handset.

Though this is possible in an Android smart phone it works only under the corporate medium. The security feature of the remote wipe allows the device or the system manager to delete the data’s in case of a stolen handset. Though this is possible in an Android smart phone it works only under the corporate medium. The iphones are quite efficient, easy to use and understand and having a prevalent interface or subjects just like the other Apple products. Research shows that the quality of call is better in the iphones.Posting of the status update on the social networking communities like Facebook and Twitter was much easier in the iphones for the operating platform was designed in such a way which was not complicated. Most of the recent applications or the operating system like Android does not support the older phones, whereas the iphone is also compatible with the older phones. Many of the application developers opt for the Passbook application which is specific to the iphone. The mobile payment company mainly choose this application because it helps in preventing the daily nuisance transporting gift articles and boarding passes. The battery is a disadvantage for it cannot be replaced in the market. The battery has to be sent to the Apple Company for any issues. Modification of the operating system is not possible with the iphones for even when it is done at our own risk in most of the cases it is a failure. The operating system does not get back work and this process of modification of the OS is known as Jailbreaking.The iphone can brag over because they have more than 230,000 Apps which is much more than the Android phones. Though the iphones have a very less external memory it is not considered to be a problem because they have varying sizes of internal memory. The iphone has a factitious intelligence dictionary which in some cases fails to give the exact meaning. Though they have a single mail application when compared to that of the Android phones it works very efficiently. There are wide ranges of both expensive and inexpensive Android phones in the market. The battery of the Android phones can be easily removed and replaced for it is readily available in the market. One can even opt for an additional battery which is already charged so that when the battery finishes we can use it. In the Android phones jail breaking can be done where the operating system or the platform on which the software works can be modified. When compared to the iphones Android has about 700,000 Apps which is nearly in par with the former. The features of both the internal and external memory is not very appreciable in the Android phone. Because of the limited internal space apart from the retention of the photos and contents, storage of other programs is not very efficient. But the Android phone has the option of inserting an external memory card. There are reports in which photos and data’s are lost from the memory card. The dictionary of the Android phones is pliable and very convenient. Android have two mail applications namely the Gmail and other mailing services where the former one functions very efficiently and the later has problem with the mail editing option. Files can be transferred between the Android devices with ease using the plug and transfer feature. The text editing option is fairly good in the Android which again depend on the different application or the software platform. The USB charger of the Android phones is easily accessible in the market. Notifications like the mail and sms can be dragged down from the cascade at the top for a detailed explanation. The Android phones are made to specifications like in the Google Play there is an application which can modify the keyboard thus enabling the typing easier which says the next word by synchronizing. Android has lot of updated versions of the operating system like the Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich, and Jelly Bean. It works well for the simultaneous execution of multiple tasks or programs under the control of an operating system. Other than a video file any number or even a huge size of file can be attached to an email unlike the phones where even video files can be attached to the emails. The screen of the Android phones are customizable and it has widgets where one get view the details of locking/unlocking procedure, data and battery usage monitors, and other useful options’-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint and Verizon Wireless are the major companies which promotes the Android phones.